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Hi there. You can call me Melody. Or Mel, if six letters is too long for you to type.

I mostly do Nintendo stuff, or stuff relating to swapping/transformation. So yeah, beware of my weird stuff.

Also, just a heads up, I'm transgender. Just so you know.That's why my voice sounds like a man if you check out my YouTube channel.
Hey guys.

Some of you might have seen my status update last night where I was struggling with the last three requests I still had pending, and I've had a bit of time to think since then. I've come to a bit of a decision.

I don't think I want to do requests anymore.

The main reason behind this is something I've tried to keep true ever since I started writing TF Shorts for this website: I never wanted my writing to feel like work. I wanted to write because I enjoyed doing it. If I wasn't enjoying it, what was the point? And I've come to realise, I don't really enjoy doing requests, and I think that's mostly because of the way I write.

I'm not sure how other writers go about crafting a story, but I can't make things up as I go. I need to have a clear vision of how the plot of the story is going to work before I can begin, otherwise it just won't turn out well. I have a folder on my computer full of images of characters I think might be fun to write a TF Short about, but I never start writing a short for one of them until I have a plot in mind. And that's where accepting requests becomes difficult. All the requests I've accepted in the past, I accepted because I thought the character might be fun to do. Most of them ended up doing pretty well, because I was able to craft a plot that worked around them, but as these last three have shown me, I can't force inspiration. I know for some writers, plot isn't always necessary in TF fiction, but that's not how I roll. Taking a request is forcing me to think harder about a plot for a certain character, rather than having an idea naturally come to me for some character I know and like. And for what? A mediocre thank you message that I've seen several times before? It doesn't feel worth it when I could have spent the time creating something I'd enjoy instead.

So, I'm sorry to the people who still had requests pending with me, but I've been unable to craft a plot for the characters you requested, and I'm not going to force myself to try anymore. Above all else, I want to be able to enjoy the process of writing. And unfortunately, as common as they are in this sort of community, requests do not fall in line with my enjoyment of the craft.

I was going to take a break from TF Shorts for a while after this so I could work on Myths, but I've realised I still haven't come up with an official design for the first character introduced, which could be a bit troublesome. So for now, I'll continue creating TF Shorts of my own choosing until I finish drawing the characters I need for my own original work. Who knows, maybe I might reopen requests one day, but right now I feel like I just can't handle them.

I hope you guys will still enjoy the content I put out, even if it's something I choose to do myself, rather than something asked for by someone else.
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Red's Face by clockworkMelody
Red's Face
I felt like drawing one of my Myths characters. I really need to try and find the time and motivation to start writing Myths.

I've been imagining Red's fighting style a lot lately. She ends up being pretty good after she gets some proper training, but her style would still be hilariously impractical and over-the-top for most people.

I have to Google search "skull" whenever I draw Red.
FE Lost Legacy ~ Mirvana by clockworkMelody
FE Lost Legacy ~ Mirvana
I haven't really been feeling up to pulling out Art Academy and doing a full drawing recently, so instead, I felt like trying to use Pokemon Art Academy to try and show off one of my character designs or something.

So, this is Mirvana, the princess of Rindell. I originally made her as a sort of Maribelle-like character, down the the class and everything, but that's been reworked a bit. See, her father, the king of Rindell, is the kind of ruler that only cares about the upper class, and so, Mirvana was raised to look down on the lower class and such. Mirvana still acts like that most of the time in order to earn his approval, but doesn't exactly believe in her father's ideology. The cracks in her facade start to become all the more apparent the longer the war goes on.
So, how 'bout that new Pokemon Sun/Moon trailer? Ice/Fairy Ninetails, looking pretty sweet.
Oh dear, my "make a TCG" urges are acting up again. Except this time I want to make something based on my own characters instead of Nintendo stuff. Welp, guess I'll see how long it takes for me to abandon this one as well.

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I don't take commissions, as I don't have a paypal account and don't really see the point (hue hue) of points on dA. Then again, I don't really feel like my stuff is good enough to require payment anyway.

I do take requests, but not right now. At the moment, requests are closed until I finish the four still left on my list. You'll know when requests are open again because I'll make a journal about it and such. Hopefully it won't take too long if I keep getting bursts of inspiration.
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You have some interesting stories, like the Ruto TF.
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